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Thanks to Boston Children's Hospital and the generosity of sponsors and volunteers, these lives changed in a heartbeat.


 Sofia’s journey at Boston Children’s began before she was born. At 4 days old, she had surgery to repair the narrowing of her heart’s main artery. The operation was a success, but ongoing care revealed the need for a second heart surgery when she was 16 months. Now, Sofia is thriving. She’s a talented artist, a competitive dancer and a member of Boston Children’s Cardiac Fitness Program. 


Elliott’s family adopted her from China and raced to Boston Children’s for open-heart surgery. At 3, she went home healthy but returned to battle new, life-threatening challenges, even after a move to Florida. First, she fought a brain bleed and infection. Next, she beat a rare form of cancer and finally had another heart surgery at 14. Now, she looks forward to a healthy, bright future. 


Jackie had open-heart surgery at 3. Her dad will always remember the day of her surgery—how Jackie walked into Boston Children’s with a big smile—and then walked out four days later smiling! Her heart was repaired and as soon as they got home, she ran out to play on her swing set. Now, Jackie loves to play softball and swim and has started reading all the Harry Potter books with her mom.

The founder of HAIRraising shares her experience with Boston Children's Hospital

I know, first-hand, how life can pivot in a heartbeat. 

More than 30 years ago, Alex, one of my identical twin daughters was born with congenital heart disease.

When she was eight years old she needed her first open-heart surgery. After an exhaustive search trying to find the best possible surgical team we found ourselves at Boston Children’s Hospital.

At Boston Children’s an incomparable team of medical pros, and a totally new experimental procedure, changed the course and quality of Alex’s life. 

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