Thanks to Boston Children's Hospital and the generosity of sponsors and volunteers, these lives changed in a heartbeat.


 Born with the two heart conditions, Stella’s family knew she would need heart surgery eventually. But at 13 months, she suddenly had trouble walking. Boston Children’s doctors found a tumor on her spinal cord. Chemotherapy helped Stella beat neuroblastoma at 2 and she had open-heart surgery at 4. Now, ongoing treatment keeps her happy, healthy and active.


Before he was born, an ultrasound revealed Vinny had hypoplastic left heart syndrome—the left side of his heart was underdeveloped and unable to properly pump blood. Only days old, he had a successful 7-hour open-heart surgery. Today, the left side of his heart is of normal size and he loves to play sports.


 Chauncy was born with a complex heart defect. As an infant she needed multiple operations to rebuild missing parts of her tiny heart, move organs and restore vital connections. A pacemaker and a fifth open-heart surgery this year have helped this outgoing, creative and accomplished student start high school at her best.

The founder of HAIRraising shares her experience with Boston Children's Hospital

I know, first-hand, how life can pivot in a heartbeat. 

More than 30 years ago, Alex, one of my identical twin daughters was born with congenital heart disease.

When she was eight years old she needed her first open-heart surgery. After an exhaustive search trying to find the best possible surgical team we found ourselves at Boston Children’s Hospital.

At Boston Children’s an incomparable team of medical pros, and a totally new experimental procedure, changed the course and quality of Alex’s life. 

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